Expect the easy way...


Ez Grants is established to provide easier business solutions to all entrepreneurs. Like most entrepreneurs, setting up a company is never been easy. The initial stage of getting things in place is so challenging. Now you can leave the difficult process to us and focus more on your business development plans and strategic planning.


Why choose Us?

After the initial setting up of the company, it is time to look in to the accounting structure of your company.

You may not be aware that it is mandatory to keep your accounts and any other documentation for not less than 5 years.

Accounting is actually the “Language of Business”. Having a proper accounting standard will show you what the financial position of your company is right now.

Therefore we believe that understanding of your accounts will help you and your company in financial planning/budgeting.

EZ Grants will patiently assist you and educate you with our knowledge and expertise.  

We have dedicated professionals to guide you through the Singapore Accounting Standards and requirements that best suits your company business activities.


Our Scope of Services

·        Corporate Tax Services

·        Accounting Services

·        Productivity, Innovation, Credits (P.I.C) Claims


* Get a FREE Accounting Template when you engaged our Corporate Tax Services NOW!!

The Accounting Template is suitable for most newly Start-up Company within 3 years of business activities depending on the requirements. It can easily keep track of your company daily transactions and maintain the proper accounting standards. This will provide you the basic information for the management reports.